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Weekly Activities

Our curriculum based themed mornings (between 9.00 am and 12.00 pm) have been developed to appeal to all our children. The aim of each session is to learn, develop and build confidence in a fun way.

Muddy Monday’sTo help develop a love of reading, listening and recall skills, the children first listen to and discuss a story before exploring the Castle grounds in search of things contained within the story. Returning to the Nursery, they work together to create scenes relating to the story.
Crafty and Tech Tuesday’sTo explore different textures and materials as well as learn how colours can be changed, the children will use a variety of equipment, paints, crayons, junking, modelling clay or natural materials. To help develop fine motor skills the children can also design and create their very own masterpieces.
Woods Wednesday’sTo broaden the children’s understanding of the world around them, we explore the Castle grounds. The children are encouraged to talk and ask questions about what they have seen whether it be trees, plants or animals. This helps develop an understanding of their place in the natural world as well as teaching the children to show care and concern for all living things in our environment.
Musical Bumps Thursday’sIt’s time for Musical Bumps … what’s in the bag? The children love our singing and instrument based session hosted by Musical Bumps. Through music they explore the different sounds instruments make, learn how sounds can be changed, move in response to music and sing familiar rhymes and songs.
Fit Friday’sTo develop spacial awareness and control over their own bodies and other objects (such as balls, hoops and beanbags), the children use a variety of equipment and play fun sports games. The sessions also help with physical development using free movement as well as learning the importance of good health and exercise.