Nursery Policies

Achieving Positive Behaviour Policy
Admission Policy
Capability Policy
Children’s Records and Confidentiality and Access to Children’s Records Policy
Closure Procedure
Critical Incident, Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety Policy
Curriculum Policy and Procedure for Observation, Assessment and Planning, Equipment and Resources
Data Protection and Information Sharing
Disciplinary/Dismissal Policy and Procedure
Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy
Equal Opportunity Children’s Statement
Equal Opportunity Staff Statement
Evacuation, Emergency & Fire Safety Procedure
First Aid and Administration of Medicines Policy
Food, Drink & Hygiene Policy and Procedure
Health and Safety General Standards Policy
Image Use Policy and Procedure
Individual Grievance Policy and Procedure Flow Chart and Notification Form
Lockdown Policy and Procedure
Looked After Children
Maintaining Children’s Safety, Welfare and Security on the Premises Policy
Making a Complaint Policy and Procedure
Managing Children with Allergies or who are sick and Infection Control and Pandemic Flu Procedure
Missing Child Policy and Procedure
Nappy Changing & Personal Care
No Smoking Policy
Outdoor Play Policy
Parental Involvement Policy
Pricing Policy
Procedure Following an Accident
Procedure to contact Ofsted
Provider Records Policy
Recording & Reporting Accident & Incident Policy
Risk Management Policy and Assessment Procedure
SEND Policy – Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Student Placement and Volunteer Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Supervision of Children on Outings and Visits Procedure in case of Accident, Incident and Lost Child
Supervision Policy and Procedure
The Uncollected Child Policy
Transition, Settling In, Key Person and Home Visit Policy and Procedure
Visitors Guidance
Working in Partnership with other Agencies

Safeguarding Policies and Procedures

Child Protection and Safeguarding of Children Policy and Procedure
Managing Allegation Against Staff Policy
Safer Recruitment, Staffing, Employment and Induction Policy
Online Safety & Social Media Policy and Procedure
Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure
Parent Friendly Safeguarding Policy
Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Hard copies of all our Policies and Procedures are available on request. There is also a Policies and Procedures folder in the Nursery entrance hall, which can be viewed at any time.