At our recent Ofsted inspect we were award an overall Good rating with Outstanding in Personal Development and Behaviour and Attitudes.


This was testament to the dedicated staff team who provide a nurturing and stimulating experience for the children.

The inspector made the following observations/findings:-

“Children are extremely confident and comfortable in their play environment. They adapt the environment to extend and enhance their play. They develop very close relationships with their friends and the staff. The consistent staff team allows children to build close bonds to openly share their excitement, their experiences and their fears in confidence.”

“The skills that children learn helps them in preparation for the next stage in their education.”

Children show curiosity and inquisitiveness. They explore and experiment in their play, particularly outside. Staff evaluate the outdoor play environment and change this according to the children’s interests. Children extend their exploration using their interests and the particular way they like to learn.” 

“Children behave impeccably. They receive plentiful recognition for positive interactions with their friends. They openly show care and compassion towards their friends when they are upset or frustrated. Staff are very positive role models for children, supporting each other in all their work.”

To read our latest Ofsted report in full, please use the following link https://files.ofsted.gov.uk/v1/file/50188094