“Thank you to each and everyone of you for making my time at Nursery so special and happy.  Thank you for playing games with me, reading me stories, looking after me when I fall over – for everything.”


“Thank you all so much for all the fun, love, learning and support you’ve given our daughter over her first year at the Nursery.”


“Thank you so much for everything you have done for our daughter.  She absolutely loves coming to school (she got very upset she could not stay with you after the gym display!)  I dreaded being ‘that parent’ who no one ever saw, but you have all been so accommodating and kind – I really appreciate it.  Teachers don’t get told enough about what a good job they are doing, but you are all truly fantastic and the kids and parents are blessed to have you.”


“Thank you for looking after me and playing with me.”

“Thank you for all you’ve done for our son this year.  He’s really excited about coming back in September as a ‘big boy’!”