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Coronavirus Advice

It is essential that all members of the nursery community continue to follow the Government advice regarding children or adults who present with symptoms of COVID19 by self-isolating for 7 days and all household members self-isolating for 10 days.

We would ask parents if they have been unwell or had the virus to notify the Nursery by completing a self-declaration form.

The government have announced that testing is being made available for all staff and their families.

The tests are available either by following this link www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-getting-tested or by contacting 111. If a child or staff member tests positive for the virus, all other children and staff that attended that day’s session will need too self-isolate from nursery for 14 days before returning, assuming they are symptom free and well.

Parental and visitor access to the nursery site is by appointment only. If you do need to speak to a member of staff, please do so through text, email or phone as we want to keep communication channels open.

Various measures will be put in place to support the health and safety of pupils and staff based on Government guidance. These include:

  • Ensuring children and adults wash their hands thoroughly with soap and hot water upon arrival;
  • Frequent handwashing will take place throughout the day and in particular before and after eating;
  • Only allowing 1 child at a time to use the toilet;
  • Social distancing measures to be put in place for drop-off and collection and one-way system, to avoid close interaction between parents, staff and other children;
  • A thorough clean at the end of each day of all equipment and nursery;
  • Promoting good respiratory hygiene practices by encouraging the children not to touch their mouth, eyes or nose and to use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze into and use bins for tissue waste (‘Catch It, Bin It, Kill It’).
  • Ensure where possible that nursery remains well ventilated by opening the windows or doors if safe to do so;
  • Taking the temperature of any child saying they are feeling unwell by using a non-contact thermometer;
  • Reorganising the nursery site so that we reduce the equipment and activities that need to be cleaned after being touched
  • Removal of soft furnishings, sand, toys and resources that are hard to clean
  • Not sharing play equipment and having their own chairs and mats to use each day;
  • The curriculum will incorporate direct teaching and reinforcement of frequent handwashing and good respiratory hygiene practices.
  • Children and staff wear freshly washed, clean clothes every day.

Severe Weather Information

In the event the Nursery needs to close due to bad weather, it will be posted on the website as soon as the decision is made.  Please also listen to Heart (Invicta FM 103.1 or DAB), KMFM (96.2) or BBC Radio Kent (104.2 FM or DAB).  Should Chiddingstone Primary School be listed in the school closures then please assume that Chiddingstone Nursery School will also be closed.  The Cascade calling system will also be in place. The Nursery mobile number is 07818 929117.